Expert accounting services,  we help streamline your financial operations, optimize tax strategies Expert accounting services, we help treamline your financial operations, optimize tax strategies

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We take charge to accurately record all income and expenses for the period and reconcile all bank accounts, credit card statements, accounts receivable and accounts payable. We ensure that HST, Payroll Deductions, WSIB and Employer Health Tax are accounted for and accurately filed on time to avoid interest and penalties and ensuring the your company is in compliance and up to date on these reporting and remittances.

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Take control of your financial success and stability with the help of Small Business Accounting Services in Cambridge

Seamless Small Business Accounting

With extensive experience across diverse industries, we skillfully manage transaction recording, streamline invoice processes, and handle payroll efficiently. Trust us to handle your financial tasks, allowing you to concentrate on business growth.

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Real-Time Financial Insights

Step into a world of real-time financial insights with our cutting-edge cloud-based approach. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to informed decision-making for your business.

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With financial management in Ontario, make informed decisions for your business's success
We manage WSIB, EHT, and payroll deductions remittances, ensuring compliance and financial peace of mind

In-depth Financial Support

Trust in our expertise in traditional accounting. We manage WSIB, EHT, and payroll deductions remittances, ensuring compliance and financial peace of mind. From bank reconciliations to detailed financial reporting, we've got your financial needs covered.

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AD Accounting offers exceptional small business accounting and financial services to clients across Canada remotely.